What is Design Review?

Design Review is an effective means of early consultation on significant development proposals. The Bishop Review of Design Support is a critical document to the future of regional and local design review, go to the Design Council website for more information.

Why come to Design Review?

The Design Review process offers access to expert and independent professional guidance, leading to recommendations for improvement and added value. BUDF provides a breadth of expertise which may not be available to the project team or to the planning department and we may be able to highlight problems or opportunities which have not been identified earlier.

What happens at a Design Review session?

The process involves the design/client team discussing their initial concepts and sketch proposals with a panel of 5 to 8 members, drawn from a pool of design and environment professionals. We normally allow about 1.5 hours to review each scheme.

Following a presentation of the proposals, panel members reflect on the emerging design and give guidance on how to bring out the best urban design solution for the site. This guidance is sent to the design team after the meeting in the form of a formal letter written by the session Chair, summarising the panel’s views.

How do I put a scheme forward for review?

From April 2018 all schemes may be submitted to BUDF directly.

  • From April 2018 all schemes submitted are paid for by the applicant. Rates are:
  • 1.5 hour design review: £1800 + VAT
  • Half day: £2500 + VAT
  • Follow up desk top review: £750 + VAT
  • Sessions can be booked on any of the available dates, a minimum of 14 days in advance with payment.
  • On booking, an invoice will be issued by The Architecture Centre – sessions are secured once payment is confirmed with a Remittance Notification sent to the BUDF Administrator.
  • By requesting a session it is agreed that in the event of cancellation, no refunds will be given. In the event of a cancellation where payment has not already been made, it shall remain due and shall be paid within 14 days of the invoice being issued.
  • Information to be reviewed by the Panel is to be provided to the BUDF Administrator no later than 14 days in advance of the booked session date – instructions on what is required will be issued at the time of booking.
1 30 April 2019 Contact Sessions available
2 28 May 2019 Contact Sessions available
3 25 June 2019 Contact Sessions available
4 30 July 2019 Contact Sessions available
5 27 August 2019 Contact Sessions available
6 24 September 2019 Contact Sessions available
7 29 October 2019 Contact Sessions available
8 26 November 2019 Contact Sessions available
9 20 January 2020 Contact Sessions available
10 25 February 2020 Contact Sessions available


For more information about bringing a scheme to a Design Review session, please go to Submit a scheme.
If you would like to read reports from previous sessions, please go to Schemes reviewed.







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