Scheme title: Former Brentry Hospital Site
Date reviewed: 26 March 2012

Scheme promoter: WYG Planning & Design

Description: Residential development of surplus land at the Former Brentry Hospital Site: retention of Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trusts premises – Blaise View And Woodland View and associated car parking; residential development of western part of site with up to 20 no. homes (including the demolition of Lewis House and conversion of Phoenix House); residential development of eastern part of site with up to 60 no. homes whilst retaining existing trees around the edge of the site and a green zone along the site’s southern boundary.

Scheme title: Underfall Yard Trust Masterplan
Date reviewed: 30 January 2012

Scheme promoter: Alf Perry Consulting

Description: To create a Maritime Centre of Excellence within Bristol Harbour that seeks to preserve, for the benefit of the public, its historic assets and unique character through sustainable commercial, leisure, tourism and educational developments that reflect the longstanding maritime history of the area.

Scheme title: Hiatt Baker Halls of Residence, Stoke Bishop
Date reviewed: 30 January 2012

Scheme promoter: CSJ Planning Consultants Ltd

Description: The University of Bristol proposes to redevelop part of the Stoke Bishop campus to provide approximately 450 bedspaces within a new bespoke complex of 12 blocks, adjacent to the existing Hiatt Baker Halls of Residence. The proposed development would comprise a combination of 10 bedroom cluster units and 9/12 bedroom townhouses, each with communal catering facilities, together with a transport ‘hub’.

Scheme title: Bristol General Hospital Project, Guinea Street
Date reviewed: 30 January 2012

Scheme promoter: CSJ Planning

Description: Conversion of existing hospital buildings, demolition of modern additions and erection of new buildings to provide mixed use development comprising approximately 200 dwellings, retail and office accommodation (approximately 2824 sqm). Maximum of 1 car parking space per dwelling will be provided on-site.

Scheme title: Bristol Entertainment Centre, Frogmore Street
Date reviewed: 30 January 2012

Scheme promoter: GVA

Description: The proposed redevelopment of the site includes the provision of 463 student bed spaces, a D2 leisure facility, together with the reworking of the pedestrian link between Park Row and Trenchard Street. The O2 Academy is to be retained.

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