The forum is a group of professionals involved in the built environment and drawn from a wide range of disciplines.

Currently numbering around 35, the members are selected for their recognised knowledge in architecture, urban design, sustainability, transport, planning, landscape design, engineering and the arts.

Under each area of expertise, the best available in the region have been invited to join the panel. Information about the individuals involved is set out in the attached biographies.
For each design review a panel is selected to provide the most appropriate and relevant skills for the project under discussion.

Strategic Urban Design Advisory Group

This subgroup of the forum is engaged in early consultation with Bristol City Council on emerging policy and frameworks which affect the quality of the built environment. A team is assembled for the topic under discussion but all of the forum will be involved in the ongoing discussion.

The Steering Group

Ensures the good governance of the activities of the forum, guides the forum’s activities with a view to relevance and effectiveness, oversees the selection of the members and maintains the relationship with Bristol City Council and the other relevant authorities.
Members are appointed for three years and selected for their wide ranging expertise in urban design and for their long term commitment to Bristol.

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